Getting a head start on Chompy preorders! Still have a few available in the shop ( link in profile) #chompy #mask #missmonster

Getting a head start on Chompy preorders! Still have a few available in the shop ( link in profile) #chompy #mask #missmonster

missmonster mask chompy


This is Monmouth the fish creature! He’s a critter who loves to travel and sight see. He’s been to the rocky shores of Innsmouth, the beaches of Amity Island and the murky waters of the Black Lagoon, to the swampy Louisiana Holland laboratory ( what’s left of it)  and the beautiful waters of Camp Crystal Lake. Monmouth has seen some crazy stuff! He loves to spend his time lightly brushing the feet of fearful swimmers and blowing bubbles to creep them out as well. Monmouth loves a good fried catfish!

This doll is handmade using cast urethane from original sculptures, a hand sewn faux fur and fleece body. This doll is not articulated, it is a floppy style doll stuffed with polyfill with his body and paws weighted to give a realistic heft.

Monmouths necklace is made from fish bones, shells, pewter beads and a glass bottle filled with amethyst chunks and more shells.

12” tall seated.


As with all of my original dolls, this piece will come with a signed and dated etched wooden tag marking it as one of my one of a kind critters.

This is a piece of artwork intended for adult collectors. It can be played with and cuddled a little but please treat it with care to prevent scuffs. Clean any cast parts with a slightly damp cloth, do not use solvents. Fur can be combed and styled if desired.


I do not take on commissioned work. Please be sure to read all of my shop’s policy/FAQ page before you buy. By buying from my store you agree to comply with all store policies.

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The Math of Being a Weirdo Magnet


Whenever I tell one of my stories about dealing with fanboys on the make, passive aggressive fakers, or nebbishy pros hoping to raise their cred at the bar by claiming they get chicks they really, really can’t get, someone pipes up to wail, “Boy, Colleen, you are such a weirdo magnet!”

Im glad this is being talked about. When i tell my stories, people say “man you really attract ‘em” and i feel like im being told it’s my fault. Like i look for it. They dont consider it is inevitable when dealing with people. The higher number of people, the longer you do this, the more chance of strangeness. Because i love being asked if someone can “come over for a studio visit” ( !!!!) or messages that say they want to stab me. Usually it’s not that bad but there is still this background noise of tiring, pushy, boundary leaping that i really hate. 

The whole thing where you treat someone like a human being and they take it as though you are sexually interested or “trust someone a little and totally regret it after you notice they tell tall tales about interactions” thing sucks. And it doesnt go away, it haunts you for years since they pop up over and over- even from people you have never heard of telling these stories. And you want to scream and go “how is this still a thing, i never ever was part of that” And you miss being able to treat people like you used to- you have to get guarded and savvy and it sucks.

Work in progress -painted example of what can be done with the Chompy mask design! Preorders will open tomorrow afternoon! #mask #missmonster #chompy

Work in progress -painted example of what can be done with the Chompy mask design! Preorders will open tomorrow afternoon! #mask #missmonster #chompy

missmonster mask chompy

Anonymous asked:

What causes the price to be so expensive? (not in a bad way im just curious)

Artwork by Melita Curphy Answer:


It’s a fair question (when asked nicely), and it’s one that artists get a lot (though often asked not so nicely).

Pricing your art can be one of the more stressful parts of the job, especially when that art is your sole or main income.  There are a few main factors to consider:

First, materials.  Pretty basic logic there. How much did you spend to assemble the materials necessary?

Second, time. You basically have to work out what would be a good hourly wage for your work.  If you spend a bajillion hours on something, that has to be taken into account when you price it.

Third, knowledge/experience/expertise. This is the weird nebulous part of pricing.  You have to consider all the hours of practice, refinement, failures, and development that goes into each piece and your style and skill overall.  Magweno put it well in a response to someone on DA:


Original art is expensive.  I actually had the Gubbin bases cast in resin because it means I can charge $125 for them instead of the higher price I would need to charge if I’d made each one from scratch without that base.  I had initially been hoping to sell each for a bit less, but I got too wrapped up in doing extra details on the paint job, so the hours I invested started to lengthen a bit.

Anyway, I hope that helps!

Magweno hit it out of the park with that DA response!