I have a new doll in the shop! 


This is a Snorf! They are like a coatimundi and echidna mixed with a mythical Baku monster. They love to dig and use their tusks to root for delicious bugs in the ground. They get their name from the snuffling noise they make when rooting for goodies. Snorfs are funny little creatures who enjoy exploring everything and like to make their owners laugh. It is also said they bring good dreams!

Balba is an older gal, pretty wise and tough. She’s as sweet as Snorfs can be but also doesnt put up with fools. She can smell a dishonest person from a mile away. Once you get her trust, you have a very protective friend for life! Balba LOVES roses ( to eat) and is very proud of her very fluffy lovely fur.

Balba’s slightly translucent claws also GLOW purple in the dark! The photo of them glowing is a little over-bright, my camera made the glow a little more dramatic than it really is. But it is very bright after you charge him up in the sun for a few minutes!

This is a handmade, one of a kind piece of art. The face claws are an original sculpt cast in resin that is then hand painted.   Each cast piece is sealed with clear coat. The head is covered in gold leafing. The body is a soft, non articulated floppy style stuffed with soft polyfill and heavy pellets to weight the butt for easy sitting. Soft red minky fabric lines her inner arms and under tail. High quality thick faux fur body. Glass eyes.

This doll’s necklace is made from a fossil shark tooth, glass, African amber, wood and seed beads.

Every one of my dolls comes with a signed and dated etched wood tag. 

These dolls are meant to be petted and cuddled a bit but please treat them with care. Wipe the face or paws with a slightly damp cloth to clean any scuffs or dust.  They are not rated for young children!

Balba is 11” tall. 

Once this doll is sold out, he is gone! 

I do not take commissions for dolls or any other custom artwork. 

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