This is Chime. He is a Watcher, a small creature who protects human homes. Watchers will guard a home if they are given offerings like fruits and sweets or spicy foods. They form a tight bond with the people and areas they protect and will come inside if invited. Chime is a great companion!

This is a one of a kind, hand made art doll. The face, antlers, claws and feet are cast from original sculpts are are made of urethane. Each piece is hand painted with a hand sewn faux fur body. This is a floppy style doll with no armature. It is stuffed with soft polyfill. Glass eyes. The head also glows purple in the dark! Chime’s mohawk is made from goat hair and he has a removable soft leather cloak.

Sits 11” tall.

Chime’s necklace is made from fabric leaves, buffalo teeth, amber and glass with a brass branch key pendant.

Please treat this doll with care to prevent scuffs or damage. This is an art piece meant for adult collectors. Comes with a signed and dated etched wood tag marking him as one of my OOAK dolls.

International buyers: This piece may cost more to ship than my shop will charge. Please be prepared to pay $10 to $20 more due to the size of the antlers and box required to ship him.

I am not open for private commissions.

antler artdoll missmonster doll skull

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