Experimenting with possibilities of this mask design!  I made two copper and two silvers- one pair has LED’s installed and one pair is plain. They are in the shop and ready to ship!


The DIY versions also have a handful left in the edition if anyone hasn’t picked one up yet. They will not be available once they have all have been claimed.


These stealth recon squad masks have seen some action! Just kidding these are cast urethane made to look like battle worn scuffed metal helmets. Each mask is hand painted and sealed with clear coat with adjustable elastic straps and interior foam installed. Ready to wear.

 You will get the exact mask pictured.

These have white LEDs installed on the inside lending it a really cool effect in low light. The mask can be seen out of but the black-out cloth conceals the wearer’s eyes. Imagine the character you could build around this piece!

While these pieces of art are wearable please treat them with care. Wipe any dirt with damp cloth, do not use solvents to clean the surface.

This mask fits most faces but a perfect fit is not guaranteed.


Do not use this as safety equipment or a welding mask or anything else but costuming. Use common sense, please. I am not responsible for injuries sustained through improper use of this mask.


By purchasing this you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the shop’s policy page.

I do not do custom mask work.

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